27 November 2023 14:00

Decorative lighting

Celebrate love! This artwork radiates love on all sides. The two figures embrace each other. Eternal fidelity near an infinite horizon, it couldn't be more beautiful! The colours of the glass are passionate in red, blue and purple. The transparent hue gives the image perspective. CHRISTMAS 2023.
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13 October 2023 16:00


Cooling, refreshing and soothing... Yes, yes, we are talking about the colour BLUE. In these hectic times, we can put relaxing blue tones to good use. Blue is the favourite colour of THE BLUE ART BARN LIGHTING. Do you also choose the colour of the sky and the sea?
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1 September 2023 14:00


Peonies, lotuses, daffodils, tulips and poppies... Proudly COLOURED BY ART© presents a beautiful 3-light chandelier. Tiffany glass shades in the most beautiful colours! An abundance of various light flowers or abstract round shapes. Three graceful flower stems with petals together form an enchanting fixture.
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Fairy tale lamps

For centuries, plants and flowers have motivated the creation of works of art. Around 1900, École de Nancy was founded in France, where famous artists such as Louis Majorelle and É...

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Art and craftsmanship

Art and craftsmanship are close together. Blue Part Lighting sells lamps that have their origins in studios where glass blowing has been understood from time immemorial. Innovative...

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TWENTIES on a linen cord in shiny Nickel, but also in Brass, Bronze and matte Nickel

Art Deco lamps (Twenties or 20's) on a black linen cord can be ordered easily and directly. All these models are in stock at The blue ArtBarn lighting! Lamps on a vintage linen cor...

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LED LAMPS as atmospheric lighting

When it comes to choosing the RIGHT LIGHTING for your home, it is important to understand what factors affect the SENSE and FUNCTIONALITY of the room. One important factor is the W...

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Spring bloomers that won't wilt

Spring is the perfect opportunity for fresh interior design and lighting. Spring is innovative and gives a fresh start. What's a nicer entry than a colourful lamp? It pays to add a...

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Gift a lamp!

The year has only just begun and yet Valentine's Day is closer than you think. The day when you let your loved ones know what they mean to you. Of course, these do not only have to...

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Wishing you a colourful Christmas and a bright New Year!

Christmas is back in sight! We are looking forward to spending quiet moments together. There is chaos in the world, but let's try to have a good time with our family and friends. D...

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Light sculptures

Do you recognise your own cat in this quirky Art Deco cat? Quirky, proud and confident....

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A fairy-tale design for the bedroom.......

Lights on the ceiling, the wall and on cabinets or tables. Models in curved glass and straight shapes. Chalices in green and brown. Flowers in red, yellow, lilac, purple, pink and ...

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STURDY : Lamps on a linen cord!

Lamps on linen cords evoke the ultimate vintage feeling. At The blue Art Barn, you can easily order Art Deco lamps on a black linen cord. Lamps on a vintage linen cord, also called...

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The ideal lighting

Lamps on a beam are the ideal lighting above a table. Every part of the table is illuminated. Light is extremely important....

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In full bloom

Who doesn't get more excited by beautiful flowers? Flowers make us happy! It is therefore not surprising that flowers are the most frequently given gift in the Netherlands. You can...

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A new series of lamps! MOONLIGHTS

The new MOONLIGHTS collection provides beautiful diffuse light just like the moon. The light is so beautifully diffuse because the moon itself does not give any light, but reflects...

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De Stijl was a Dutch art movement between 1917-1931 around the magazine 'De Stijl', founded by Theo van Doesburg. The members strove for pure design through simplicity, abstraction...

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Who doesn't want to be surprised on Valentine's Day? Give an original lamp from The blue Art Barn Lighting to your loved one on 14th of February. ...

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Attention, please!

Before you feast on the champagne, we would like to have your attention for a moment! We at The blue Art Barn webstore would like to thank all our customers for all the support we ...

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ATMOSPHERE and holidays

Just look around you and the lights are suddenly flashing everywhere. Pretty lights in gardens and streets. Everything is being decorated again, because Christmas 2022 is going to ...

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French ART DECO lamps

Looking for ARTISTIC lamps? Then take a look at The blue Art Barn! There is a wide range of attractive lamps to be found, whose shapes are capricious and the colors are often sunny...

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TWENTIES - 20's lamps

Super, super fun! The 20's ceiling lamps, designed and developed by Art Deco Trade, have been produced! The lamps are now for sale. Magnificently beautiful lamps with crafted glass...

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The traditional Tiffany technique

Everyone knows them, the beautiful, colourful stained-glass lamps. We know them as Tiffany lamps. They owe their name to the designer and glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1...

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New line of bathroom lamps

Lighting in the bathroom is not only practical, it also determines the atmosphere in one of the most important rooms in the house. The bathroom makes sure you get a fresh start in ...

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Tulips from Amsterdam...

Today, flower markets and festivals all over the country entice tourists and locals with colourful and fragrant bulbs and flowers. Even in the year 2021, the Keukenhof is in full b...

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Tidying up is pleasant. Everything becomes clearer around us and yes, it also becomes clearer in our heads! ...

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JANUARY: A fresh start for the new year! Many people have New Year's resolutions. "In the new year I'm going to do more sports, study better, go to a museum more often...." You nam...

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In winter, the days are long. The dark days become more cosy with all kinds of activities. People make up all kinds of things to brighten up the days in winter. At Christmas we cel...

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Tiffany in the spotlight

With this blogpost we want to put the spotlight on Tiffany! On our site we offer a beautiful collection of Tiffany lighting "Coloured by Art© made by Art Deco Trade" that, as far a...

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How to: lamps on sideboards

Sideboards are the perfect storage furniture for against a wall or to interrupt a room. Would you like to make a new piece of furniture stand out better or breathe new life into an...

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Fresh lighting for the new year

The winter season is not yet over, but a fresh year is here. With the corresponding trends! Sustainable lighting, bold choices and refreshing combinations. Be inspired by the range...

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The 4 most beautiful Christmas lighting trends of 2019

Christmas is the ideal time to make a statement with lighting. The days are getting shorter and how wonderful is it to come home in a beautiful and attractively lit house? This yea...

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Lighting for an atmospheric bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, because where are you without a good night’s sleep? The right lighting - and darkening - is essential to create exactl...

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Giving a lamp is even more fun with the special gift promotion

A brand new father or maybe someone you see as a father can be pampered on Father's Day on Sunday 16 June with a special surprise, a card and/or a special gift. For example a lamp!...

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Choose colour for the spring lighting

Now that the days are getting longer with more light, you can experiment with colour inside! LED lighting can offer the right solution on cloudy days. Lamps with fresh designs can ...

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Perfect lighting for the office

Your workplace must be as pleasant as possible. Whether it is a home office, a transformed office or the kitchen table: take care of good lighting!...

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Lamps for the loveliest

A Valentine's Gift that really impresses and is personal as well? Give a lamp! The Blue Art Barn Lighting has selected some wonderful lamps, all of them love-themed. ...

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New year, new light

The team of The Blue Art Barn lighting wishes you a happy new year filled with light. The new year is the perfect chance to take a look at lighting and the latest trends....

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The most beautiful lighting for the most beautiful time of the year

Christmas is nearly coming! The time to show off the most beautiful lights. On the tree, in the rooms, and on the outside of the house. Get in the mood for Christmas with the assor...

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These 4 types of lighting are indispensable in the home

The role that lighting plays in the interior is incredibly significant. It creates or breaks a space: think of overexposed restaurants and creepy flashing fluorescent tubes in publ...

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New season, new lighting

The astronomical autumn almost begins! The autumn has something magical. The days are getting shorter and the evening falls faster. Life returns more. The moment to unpack with atm...

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Summer time, holiday time!

Summertime is approaching and that means that the holiday season is also almost upon us. Would you like to enjoy an attractively lit indoor ánd outdoor space now and in the future?...

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New collection Tiffany lamps

Allow yourself to be amazed by the richness of colours and shapes of the newest Tiffany lamps. The Tiffany lighting collection has been extended again with fantastic new models....

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We wish you a stylishly lit 2018

The team behing The Blue Art Barn Lighting wishes you a Happy New Year!...

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Holiday season at The Blue Art Barn Lighting

The holidays are upon us, and that means it is once again time for gifts. At The Blue Art Barn Lighting you can easily shop for the nicest mood lighting to gift to yourself or some...

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New colours Louis Poulsen lamps

With ten new stylish colours, the AJ lamp by Louis Poulsen has gotten a fresh update. In addition, the Panthella lamp is now available in a Mini LED edition in 11 vibrant colours. ...

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Bold & Basic Lamps

Are you looking for bold lamps, basic lamps or industrial lamps? Then you will certainly succeed at The Blue Art Barn Lighting! There is enough choice between sleek designs and cle...

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We wish you an atmospheric 2017!

The team behind The Blue Art Barn Lighting wishes you a Happy New Year!...

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Free shipping from €50,- until 31 December 2016*

From now on you can temporarily benefit from free shipping when purchasing a minimum of €50,- in our web store. This offer is valid from 10 December 2016 to 31 December 2016. The d...

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Art Nouveau Lighting

The Blue Art Barn Lighting is an expert in the area of art historical lighting. Besides our extensive collection of Art Deco lamps, we also have a large collection of Art Nouveau l...

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New: Collector’s Items

The category Collector’s Items is new at the Blue Art Barn Lighting. A unique chance to get a hold of a lamp that is a limited edition and of which there are only a few copies in s...

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Functional Lamps

The Blue Art Barn Lighting has a large collection of lighting for functional purposes. Atmospheric reading lamps, desk lamps, night lamps, spotlights, picture lamps and lamps for a...

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New! Transparent Lamps

Clear lamps can be seen more often in interior magazines and blogs on interior decorating. Transparent glass has an orderly and fresh feel to it and it goes really well with a nost...

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Tips for Cleaning Lamps

When you have had a lamp in your house for a while, you might want to clean the lamp after a period of time. In this blog entry, we will pay attention to cleaning lamps so that you...

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Rietveld Lamp

Gerrit Rietveld (1888 – 1964) was a pioneer in the modernist movement. His red-blue chair and the three-pipe hanging lamp were the first symbols of a new era. The Rietveld lamp, al...

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Gispen Lamps

Gispen lamps have a timeless design and look stunning in a twenties or thirties home or interior. At the Blue Art Barn Lighting, you can choose from a large collection of lamps in ...

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Customised Chandeliers

A chandelier is the perfect lamp for high spaces, such as welcoming halls, staircases and mezzanines. At The Blue Art Barn Lighting, many chandeliers can be elongated so the lamp w...

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Light Sources

The world of light sources keeps on innovating and sometimes it is tricky to decide what lamps you can choose from. In this blog entry we will guide you through the world of LED: t...

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Twenties and Thirties Lighting

Whether they are authentic or newly-build, thirties-style houses have been the most popular in the Dutch property industry for years. If you are looking for matching lighting in th...

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How to Install a Ceiling Lamp

In this blog entry we will pay attention to installing a ceiling lamp from The Blue Art Barn. Hanging a ceiling lamp is easy, but sometimes a step-by-step instruction can help you....

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Temporary Free Shipping to Holland, Belgium, Germany from €30,-

Art Deco Web Store celebrates summer and treats you to free shipping at a minimum order of €30,-. This deal applies from 01-07-2015 to 12-08-2015....

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10% Discount on Summer Collection

We are celebrating summer! That is why The Blue Art Barn Lighting has a 10% discount on the selection of lamps in the 'Summer' category. These lamps go perfectly with the summer se...

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Sale On Louis Poulsen Lamps

‘Good light as part of the good life.’ That is the vision of Louis Poulsen, an established company within the design world. Ever since the start of the collaboration with architect...

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Trend: Marble

Marble is trendy and has never been out of fashion at The Blue Art Barn Lighting! As early as 2014, marble could be seen in home decorating magazines and it has remained popular in...

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The winter season makes us long for crackling fire, hot chocolate, curling up on the sofa with a book and beautiful lighting. The Blue Art Barn has the right kind of lighting for e...

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Candlelight & Christmas

Warmth, atmosphere, romance, Christmas: candlelight evokes lovely feelings. Candles make the interior of home even cosier. The holidays are the perfect moment to illuminate the hou...

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Lighting Creates Image

The Blue Art Barn Lighting has an enormous range of lighting. It is not just fit for private use, as The Blue Art Barn Lighting is also the perfect place to buy lamps for your busi...

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Lighting with Flowers

Floral lighting: there is a wide selection of lamps with flowers at The Blue Art Barn Lighting. Floral lamps can be found in the categories Bathroom lamps, Ceiling lamps, Table lam...

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New: Louis Poulsen PH 3½-3 Hanging Lamp

To mark Poul Henningsen's 120th birthday on 9 September, Louis Poulsen is launching the new PH 3½-3 pendant.The PH 3½-3 pendant is based on Poul Henningsen's original drawings from...

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Enjoy the Sun, Protect Your Skin

Now that summer has started, we like to be outside and soak up the sun. But the sunlight can also be dangerous. Sun burn at a young age doubles the chance of getting melanoma, a ty...

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Hallway Lamps

Choosing a hallway lamp largely depends on the style of the house and the interior, the height of the hallway and the height of the ceiling. Keeping these factors and, of course, y...

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Vintage Lamps and Retro Lamps

Have you been searching for that one vintage lamp for a while? Have a look in the web store of The Blue Art Barn Lighting to find newly produced, vintage models. The collection is ...

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New Trend: Copper Lamps!

Copper has a warm look and an authentic feel to it. It is both bold and glamorous. At The Blue Art Barn Lighting, there is ample choice between copper hanging lamps, copper wall la...

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Kitchen Lighting

To some, the kitchen is the heart of their house. It has a large dining room table at which the entire family can sit for hours. To others, the kitchen is a space that is purely us...

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VITA Lamps

The Danes are superior when it comes to designing practical design lighting. The new VITA lamps are the ultimate example of this: Scandinavian freshness and Danish design all rolle...

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Mouth-Blown Glass

The collection of The Blue Art Barn Lighting exists almost completely of glass lampshades that are handmade and mouthblown. This creates high-quality lamps that have been made in a...

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Lighting for Valentine's Day

You will not have to have to leave the house to create a romantic atmosphere. With the lovely lighting of The Blue Art Barn you will have a day or night to remember at your own hou...

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Customised Lighting

The Blue Art Barn Lighting has a wide variety of lamps in its collection. There are many options when it comes to the shape and colours of glass lampshades. Usually, people look fo...

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Reading Lamps

It is dark outside so snuggle up in an armchair, on the sofa or in bed with a good book. When doing this, it is important to have light that can be aimed. A reading lamp that will ...

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Dark Days Before Christmas

Right before Christmas, there is the Winter Solstice. Until that time and also around Christmas, the sun sets early. It is no longer as appealing to exercise outside or go for a wa...

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Bedroom Lighting

It is the first and final place that you will stay at during the day: the bedroom. That is why good lighting is essential. Atmospheric lighting, general lighting, reading lamps and...

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Garden Lamps

As the days are getting shorter and it is getting darker earlier in the day, it is important to purchase good outdoor lighting. This type of lighting is practical as it illuminates...

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Lighting on Saint Nicholas' Eve

While the moon is shining through the trees outside and snowflakes might be falling down, it is cosy, warm and atmospherically lighted indoors. It is 5 December, Saint Nicholas’ Ev...

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