A fairy-tale design for the bedroom.......

22 September 2022 17:00
Lights on the ceiling, the wall and on cabinets or tables. Models in curved glass and straight shapes. Chalices in green and brown. Flowers in red, yellow, lilac, purple, pink and blue. Flowers by Tiffany! It is nice to create an artistic atmosphere with these lamps.

The bedroom should be a cosy space. Tiffany lamps are perfect for the bedroom area! Lighting is one of the most important elements. Lamps function not only to see everything clearly, but also to create atmosphere.

Next to the bed, put 2 small bedside lamps on the bedside cabinets that are nice to look at and where you can also read. Conveniently, fit an LED dimmer.

For a wardrobe, extra light can be useful. Spotlights or fittings with an extension can function well. The wall lamp/ceiling light Lovely is decorative and functional at the same time.

You can play around with ceiling lights. Often, there is only one connection point on the ceiling. Lovely chooses a lamp with a closed shape, so you never look into a bright light source from the bed.

A bedroom often has a small desk. Of course, it is handy to place a desk lamp on the worktop. Some people also place a floor lamp next to the table. Above the work corner, a beam system can possibly be hung.

Everyone benefits from a good night's sleep, both children and adults. But when you wake up, orientation is important. Tiffany lamps can function ideally as night lights.

If there is no fixed connection, a cord with a switch (possibly with cord dimmer) can be attached to the lamps. If there are no bedside tables, wall lamps can be hung above the bed. By choosing the right lighting, a solution can be found for every problem.