Bathroom lamps

The bathroom is an significant place in every house. It is frequently used, for example, for daily hygienic routines and also for relaxation. It is neccessary to choose the right kind of lighting for this room. First of all, it is important to make sure that you can see everything you do properly. However, functional lamps can also be atmospheric. The right kind of bathroom lamp can combine practical routines with relaxation. The Blue Art Barn Lighting’s 'bathroom lamp' category offers functional atmospheric lamps that are designed for humid spaces. Some lamps have IP-44 protection and this makes them suitable for zone 2.

A lamp from the The Blue Art Barn’s Ceiling lamps or Hanging lamps category can be chosen if a more general/central bathroom lighting is desired. Most of those lamps have IP-21 protection. This means that they can be placed in zone 3 and that they are able to ward off condensation. Wall lamps (which are often placed besides mirrors) also have multiple possibilities when it comes to the IP-21 protection rating. Have a look at the Wall lamp category for more information.

Bathroom IP Zones

The bathroom is divided into 4 zones, namely 0 to 3. In short, no lamps, unless they have very specific features, should be placed in zone 0 and 1. Only lamps with an IP-44 protection should be placed in zone 2. Zone 3 applies to the entire bathroom, but the lamp has to be situated 2.60 meters above or 0.6 meters away from a bath or shower (this is the most likely situation). IP-21 protection applies to the last zone, which means that the lamp is able to ward off condensation.

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