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Pendant Lamps

The brand Coloured by Art©! Pendant lamps made with love. The Calla is a majest...


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Large imposing chandeliers or composite chandeliers with many playful light poin...


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Lights on beam / Billiards

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Light and Tiffany

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Ceiling Lamps

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Table Lamps

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Floor Lamps

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Wall Lamps

Lamps for the wall. Colourful stylised wall lamps. The brand Coloured by Art© of...


ColouredbyArt ©

 Glass works of art in the interior

The collection of Coloured by Art© is a surprising Tiffany collection!

The designs are well thought-out and based on an Art Nouveau or Art Deco historical background.

The lamps and decorations are made of glass in fantastic colours. The glass is reminiscent of a watercolour, especially when daylight plays with it or artificial light is added. Light makes the beautiful gradations of colour visible. The iridescent effect, a pearl-like shine, in which rainbow colours can be subtly discovered is especially graceful.

The texture of the glass also deserves attention. The glass does not always have to be flat and smooth, but sometimes waves or other small shapes can be seen and felt.

Furthermore, the glass can be bent and shaped in the oven into, for example, a flower.

The Coloured by Art© brand by Art Deco Trade has a tight and modern focus, with a nod to history and natural forms. The lamps are like a jewel in the interior!

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