Lighting for an atmospheric bedroom

17 June 2019 16:24
The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, because where are you without a good night’s sleep? The right lighting - and darkening - is essential to create exactly the right ambiance in your bedroom.

Warm and safe

Decorate and illuminate your bedside table by placing an atmospheric table lamp on it. By choosing a Tiffany lamp, such as the French Art Deco Tiffany Table lamp, you get a romantic effect through the light shining through the glass pieces. A lot safer than candles, and just as cozy. A diffused table lamp with a warm light source, such as the VITA Silvia Mini, ensures a carefree and comforted feeling in the bedroom.

On the wall and the ceiling

Not only bedside lamps give the bedroom atmosphere. Also think further, and don't forget wall lamps! By placing classic or geometric wall lamps in strategic places (for example on the longest wall in the room), the light shines into the room in an atmospheric way. Ceiling lamps are ideal for smaller sized bedrooms. A ceiling lamp does not take up much space and yet it has a big effect.

French Art Deco Tiffany Tafellamp   La Lampe Gras Wandlamp Yves   La Lampe Gras Wandlamp/Spot Applique


French Art Deco Tiffany Table Lamp, La Lampe Gras Wall Lamp Yves, La Lampe Gras Wall Lamp/Spotlight Applique

Strategic floor lighting

Perhaps a floor lamp is not the first type of lighting that comes to mind with bedroom lighting. Nevertheless, a strategically deployed floor lamp in a bedroom with few windows and/or low incidence of light can make a world of difference. With an uplighter that shines the light on the ceiling, you optically create more space. Moreover, you give a corner or wall extra cachet with it. For example, look at the sturdy floor lamp no. 230 from La Lampe Gras.

Dim the lights

Atmospheric lighting is ideally also dimmable, so that you can switch between light and dark. Light when you want to read before bedtime and dark to get used to the dark in the night. Also when waking up, it is nice to be able to gradually turn the light a little brighter to start the day completely zen. Sweet dreams!

Louis Poulsen PH 3½-2½ Staande Lamp  Tiffany Hanglamp Origami La Lampe Gras Tafellamp met Eiken Voet Bernard


Louis Poulsen PH 3-2 Floor Lamp, Tiffany Pendant Lamp Origami, La Lampe Gras Table Lamp with oak base Bernard.