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Tiffany in the spotlight

24 July 2020 10:00
With this blogpost we want to put the spotlight on Tiffany! On our site we offer a beautiful collection of Tiffany lighting "Coloured by Art© made by Art Deco Trade" that, as far as we are concerned, fits perfectly with the sunny weather. Not only inspires the season to incorporate more color in the decor, light and Tiffany go together beautifully ...

Light and colour

Tiffany is a technique where glass is cut into pieces, wrapped with copper foil and then soldered together. The pieces of glass used for this are unique in themselves. Both the texture of the pieces of glass and the colours can vary. It becomes even more special when a light source is added. In the glass piece below you can see that the sun emphasizes the mixed colours within the glass in an enchanting way. Extremely suitable for use in lighting.

Tiffany glasstuk

Both contemporary and classic
Tiffany lamps have become famous with the designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933). Models that didn't originate in his design studio now also bear his name. The 'classic' Tiffany style was part of the Art Nouveau movement, where the emphasis is on organic forms like flowers, leaves, or animals. Nowadays the same Tiffany technique is also used in other styles, allowing lovers of more geometric, sleek shapes with modern interiors to enjoy this fantastic piece of craftsmanship as well.

 Tiffany Tafellamp HortensiaTiffany Tafellamp Fallingwater

Both styles, beautiful in its kind, we offer on our website. Something for everyone! Take a quick look in our category Tiffany lamps to see the different designs!