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1 March 2021 10:00
Tidying up is pleasant. Everything becomes clearer around us and yes, it also becomes clearer in our heads!

Theblueartbarn-lighting has looked at the stock and identified items that have no future. No future? What does that mean? It means that these products are no longer being made for one reason or another. We cannot make these items longer or shorter for you. No other colours or larger sizes. Customisation is not possible for this offered category. Moreover, sometimes there is only one item left in stock. So no large numbers. And OP=OP.

If the beautiful lamp or candlestick suits your interior, there is now a unique opportunity to get something beautiful for a perfect price. Sale 50% discount: Attractive prices!

You can order everything through the web shop. Shipping is worldwide.

Collecting at our location in Leerdam is also possible. See contact.

Lots of shopping fun with great prices!


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