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How to: lamps on sideboards

5 February 2020 14:55
Sideboards are the perfect storage furniture for against a wall or to interrupt a room. Would you like to make a new piece of furniture stand out better or breathe new life into an old heirloom? Then choose one of the lamps of The blue Art Barn Lighting.

Sideboard as decoration

Sideboards are no longer just chosen for practical reasons such as storing clothes or tableware. The cabinets give a beautiful decorative twist! Tough tables from wood to romantic tables with graceful handles. Not every sideboard fits the living style, just like the lighting. So take a good look at what effect you want to achieve with the sideboard: should it stand out? Then opt for a table lamp of size or with an eye-catching colour. Are you looking for a refined and subtle result? Then choose a lamp in the same shade as, for example, the cupboard or the wall behind it. With a lamp made of blown (clear) glass, such as the table lamp Circle, you're always in the right place. 

Handy: lamp with clamp

If you go for a modern look, you can choose the artistic Mondriaan table lamp: sleek and stylish. Do you have a small or full dresser table? Then look at one of the lamps with a clamp system, such as La Lampe Gras Clamp-/Table Lamp Laurent. You can clip it to the top or the edge of the table. This leaves more space. The lamp also gives a playful effect. An antique interior with ditto sideboard can be finished off with one of the classic banker's lamps or a frivolous French Art Deco table lamp.

The right table lamp makes your dresser look even more atmospheric. And light up the decorations on it day and night! Combine the lamp of your choice with a mirror so that the light reflects particularly well, with personal photos and/or beautiful posters to make a nice whole.

Bauhaus Table Lamp 1928 with Linen Shade La Lampe Gras Desk Lamp/Table Lamp CybèleTiffany Mondrian Table Lamp 

La Lampe Gras Clamp/Table Lamp Laurent Table Lamp Slim Cono Uplighter  Little Tuschinski Tiffany Table Lamp