French ART DECO lamps

11 September 2021 12:00
Looking for ARTISTIC lamps? Then take a look at The blue Art Barn! There is a wide range of attractive lamps to be found, whose shapes are capricious and the colors are often sunny and daring. This extravagant lighting has its origins in the French Art Nouveau and Art Deco period.

Of course, the Fabulous Tiffany wall lamp in typical Art Deco fan shape stood out in the main photo! A festive design with mother-of-pearl glass. A Coloured by Art© design.The black fixture and glass provide a nice contrast. A glamorous bestseller!

Beautiful also is the ingeniously manufactured glass shade in extravagant French Art Deco shapes, which bears the famous name Apollo and lives up to its name in all beauty. The glass shade is blown in several layers of glass and ultimately results in a fantastic frosted white opal glass. The stable fixture has a black patina and has a frivolous Vintage look.

Lage Tafellamp Apollo Moonlight


The SHINE A LIGHT lamp is truly unique. The model stands on a 3 corner base. This was specially chosen because the table lamp was inspired by the stained glass windows of the famous LVTETIA (Lutetia) hotel in Paris, built in 1910. 3 windows (panels) are combined into a lamp. Each panel stands on its own, the patterns deliberately do not continue, so that a surprising effect is obtained at the top of the wind light.