Jewels on the wall

28 June 2024 12:00
We may once again expand our Coloured by Art© collection with a trio of substantial wall lights that are eager to be seen in interiors. Light, colour and glass are perfect for bringing indoor spaces to life. The new sconces are all impressive jewels on the wall.

The beautiful design of the glass models ensures they provide atmospheric light when it gets dark. But even in sunlight, they are works of art on the wall thanks to their beautiful shine.

Styled flower: 

This wall lamp screams Roaring Twenties. The shapes are reminiscent of glamorous dancers of yesteryear adorned with feathers. Floral fan shapes were popular in Art Deco and Art Nouveau art.


In the 1920s, people enjoyed taking faraway trips to exotic destinations. Art from ancient civilisations was rediscovered. An innovative view of the world gave birth to the art form Art Deco. An awful lot happened in this period during the last century. The Pyramid lamp was inspired by the impressive structures of the Incas.


The Jade wall lamp is reminiscent of gemstones in shades of green and bronze. The wonky pieces of glass are akin to a rough stone before it is cut. The name Jade stands for balance and harmony.