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Bathroom lamps

The bathroom is an significant place in every house. It is frequently used, for ...


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Outdoor lamps

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ColouredbyArt ©

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Art Deco Lamps Fantastisc lamps in TWENTIES and THIRTIES style! Relive the Roa...


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The moon takes different forms. Its real shape is always a circle or a sphere, b...


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Ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps is the most versatile category when it comes to lighting. This is ...


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Table lamps

Table lamps are popular. They can be divided into two categories: atmospheric ta...


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Floor lamps

Floor lamps, or standard lamps, can easily be moved around in the interior. This...


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Wall lamps

Wall lamps and picture lamps can be ordered online at The Blue Art Barn Lighting...


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Flowers in bloom, cheerful colours, sunshine, holiday, outdoors, travelling, goi...



Explanation of the gigantic collection of lamps offered on this web store.

De blauwe Deel sells a large variety of lamps. The collection of lighting is famous. A vast array of Classic lights, Antique-look lights, Art Nouveau lights, Art Deco lights, Fifties lights, Modern lights, Trendy lights, Artistic lights and Design lights can be viewed on this website.

It is possible to opt for atmospheric lighting or functional lighting.

Both private individuals and companies can order online.
Indoor lighting: Bathroom lighting (these lamps have certain qualities in order for them to be used responsibly in damp rooms), Beam system lighting (Every type lighting can be constructed in your own way via the connector system), Dining room lighting (lamps above the table for the atmosphere and to read by), Adjustable lighting (spotlights to illuminate objects and corners), Hall lighting (lamps for an impressive entrée or lamps that are practical), Built-in lighting (built-in spotlights that are convenient in bathrooms or kitchens), Indirect lighting (uplighters that create an atmosphere or become stunning ornament by lighting up the ceiling), Children’s lighting (colourful, cheerful lighting for the nursery), Kitchen lighting (practical yet atmospheric lamps), Nightlights (small lamps, often LEDs, that are perfect for the hallway or the nursery), Sun room lighting (subtle lamps adjusted to being almost outside), Picture lighting (wall lamps in various sizes that perfectly illuminate the artwork), Staircase lighting (wall lamps are an important factor in safely walking up and down the stairs, but using them repetitively also enhances the aesthetics), Bedroom lighting (preferably no bright lamps, but atmospheric ones), Mirror lighting (lamps above or next to mirrors are practical and function as pieces of jewellery), Ceiling lighting (ceiling lamps in the most varying sizes to compliment an ornament), Porch lighting (lamps on your porch to serve as a welcome light), Wall lighting (lamps in all kinds of shapes and sizes to read and to create an atmosphere), Office lighting (impressive lamps with a light source that can be aimed), Living room lighting (chandeliers to help you show off) and Lighting to read by (custom-made lamps that can be adjusted).

Outdoor lighting and Garden lighting ask for a more specific approach. De blauwe Deel has many options when it comes to these areas.

Lighting systems for different areas and for many purposes!

De blauwe Deel likes supplying to the corporate sector. This is why there are plenty of Hospitality industry lamps to choose from; Functional Hospitality industry lighting and atmospheric Hospitality industry lighting. Custom-made products are often necessary in this sector. It is no problem to elongate, enlarge or adjust the lighting! Pubs, bars, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, hotels and other types of companies, such as museums, cinemas and offices, can have their lighting custom-made or have it adjusted to their specific wishes. De blauwe Deel lighting has large supply of standard products, which means that a fast delivery of lighting should not be a problem. Prices of lighting fittings vary from 15 Euros to a couple of thousand Euros; There are lamps for every budget. De blauwe Deel delivers lighting to schools, day-care companies, kindergartens, churches, swimming pools, saunas, football clubs and other clubs, nursing homes and other public buildings.

De blauwe Deel also supplies Office lighting. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

Having a party? Celebrating Christmas? De blauwe Deel can also provide Festive lighting and Christmas lighting.

De blauwe Deel offers lamps made of various materials. The lamps’ fittings can often be ordered in brass, bronze, nickel or matte nickel. Shiny chrome lighting is also available in abundance. Lighting made of zinc, iron and aluminium or wood and plastic can also be ordered. Lighting made of stainless steel (inox) is also a common sight.

A great deal of lamps from De blauwe Deel display glass. The glass lampshades of these fittings are mouth-blown with the help of a wooden mould. Traditionally-made glass models in the shape of a calyx or globe look wonderful on a handmade fitting. The lamp’s glass can be ordered in opal white, soft yellow or marbled glass. Choose between red, green and blue glass lampshades. Sandblasted or etched glass can also function beautifully as part of a lamp. There is even matted, milky white opal glass! Bright, transparent glass (for example in crystal chandeliers) is still very popular in lighting (lamps). This is also the case for Tiffany glass (stained glass), which is stunning atmospheric lighting made of the most beautiful pieces of colours glass. De blauwe Deel lighting also offers lighting with painted glass. The glass can be painted with the marble-look or with patterns (Amsterdam school). Do you prefer plastic? Or a lighting fixture with a lampshade made of fabric? Have a look at De blauwe Deel lighting and view all the different possibilities…

Low-Energy lighting is very popular these days. This is only natural as attention must be paid to the environment. Besides, it is also quite economical as CFL lighting will literally pay off in the end. LED lighting can also be ordered at De blauwe Deel. LEDs are the future and they are still developing!

Famous brands:
Gispen lighting
Woka lighting
Louis Poulsen lighting

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