Hanging Lamp Cono

  • Hanging Lamp Cono
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The famous Cono as a hanging lamp. The lampshade comes in opal (white), marbled, light yellow, blue and green glass. Choose between the following sizes; 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 cm. The fitting comes in Matte brass, Bronze, Matte nickel and Shiny nickel.

Total length lampshade 15 cm: 60 cm.
Total length lampshade 20 cm: 64 cm.
Total length lampshade 25 cm: 66 cm.
Total length lampshade 30 cm: 68 cm.
Total length lampshade 35 cm: 69 cm.
Total length lampshade 40 cm: 71 cm.
All of these are fitted with an E-14 (small) socket.
Maximum wattage: 40W.

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